Open Edition Photographs / Prints

Open edition photographs are available in different sizes. The smaller prints are ideal for a collection which may include a matching series or a narrative of motives. These prints are a reasonable choice as their sizes match standard sized frames and ready-made passepartouts so mounting is inexpensive and the A4/A3+ sizes allow for economical shipping.

Small ~ A4 (30 x 20 cm / 12 x 8 in) - € 100.-
Mid ~ A3+ (45 x 30 cm / 18 x 12 in) - € 300.-
Large ~ A2 (60 x 40 cm / 24 x 16 in) - € 500.-

Larger print formats, as well as custom print sizes, are available on request. The stated dimensions always refer to the photograph’s motive area. Actually, all fine art prints are slightly larger in size due to a wide white margin to enhance handling and mounting. Due to different aspect ratios sizes can vary.


Open Editions - Portfolio Sets / Portfolio Boxes

Portfolio sets are available with a free choice of open edition photographs. 10 prints are standard but the number of included prints can be varied on request. The portfolio sets are available in various sizes starting from 13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 inches, the small-size A4 and mid-size A3+ sets being the most popular choices. The portfolio sets may include presentation boxes made of archival quality aluminium or cardboard with black linen but these are not a prerequisite for purchase. Clamshell style boxes are also available. Prices vary depending on the size, number of prints and type of box but come with a heavy discount compared to single prints -- just contact me, please.

Limited Edition Photographs / Prints

Limited editions are exclusive. They are printed in the image size of 80 x 53 cm / 32 x 20 inches as a standard but custom print sizes are available on request. Limited edition photographs are strictly limited to a maximum of three prints in total, a few photographs are issued as 1/1 editions. They are the one and only prints of a particular photograph that ever will be issued. No other sizes, no other papers, no other media, none whatsoever. Additional Artist Proofs and Artist Prints (APs) restricted to one or two prints may exist for photographic exhibitions, competitions or to proof a print run.

Limited editions are never issued as open editions -- a photograph will be categorized as either one and remain that.


Limited Editions - Certificate Of Authentication

Limited edition photographs are dated, numbered and signed en verso. This authenticates that the print is part of a limited edition as well as a genuine reproduction, approved, inspected and numbered by the photographer. The artist’s signature also certifies that the total edition number will not be exceeded. It attests to the fact that no further editions of the photographic work, regardless of size and media, are issued.


Signed Mini Prints / Autograph Cards

Signed mini prints in the size of 13 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 inches serve as autograph cards. They are free, of course, including free worldwide shipping and are printed in the same quality as all the other photographs. There is a choice of differing motives but any photograph may also be picked from the website - from the open as well as from the limited editions.


Fine Art Papers, Archival Quality & Printmaking

Quality and longevity are important aspects for high-end fine art prints. Thus only the very best premium fine art papers by MOAB - in archival quality and in the heavy grammage of around 300 gsm - are utilized for my work. In addition, the highest photographic quality and value is secured by ensuring that all photographs are made by certified master printmakers on state-of-the-art printing machines. Only maximum durability archival pigment inks are applied.

Open and limited editions share the same quality criteria. Since each single photograph is custom hand printed on demand, and it is considered as an individual work of art, there will inherently be some variations from print to print.

Shipping & Framing

Shipping is worldwide. Prints are flat-packed only backed up with heavy cardboards for failsafe shipping. I do not ship my work in round tubes. Large format prints are shipped in wooden crates. I usually ship the print only so mounting should be done by a local professional shop. On special request, I can supply a ready-to-hang solution with high quality frame, passepartout and high-end glass or mounted directly to a foam or alloy backboard - to much too list - so please ask for your personal solution. Please note that framed prints can drive up the shipping costs and, except for non-breakable glass, can be risky.

To care for the fine art prints, never display it in strong ultraviolet radiation, such as direct sunlight, and never without proper framing, ideally including UV filtering glass.

Pricing Notes

Prices do not include shipping and applicable taxes for a customer’s country and are subject to increase without prior notice. Limited edition photographs are priced dynamically and the price might increase as an edition runs out.